Discovering Burgundy’s Industrial Heritage on the Canal du Nivernais

The principal purpose of the Canal du Nivernais today is to play host to French barge cruises transporting guests through the charming scenery of the region. Like most made-made waterways however the Canal du Nivernais was created amidst the hustle and bustle snellfirm of trade and commerce. Its impressive feats of engineering were put in place to ensure the fastest and most convenient way of transporting goods into Frances capital. Keeping the Flame Alive If youd attempted a French barge.

The Ch√Ęteau de Gremolles- Unique Architecture in Southern Burgundy

Barge holidays in France are a perfect way to explore this well-loved country from a new perspective. Picture yourself aboard a comfortable hotel barge rlmusicservices cruising gently along the waterways of Southern Burgundy a glass of wine in hand. Sound ideal? Read on to discover one of the most interesting places you can visit in Southern Burgundy an exemplar of a Burgundian ducal residence the Chteau de Germolles. Daring Dukes and a Charming Chteau The Chteau de Germolles was home to some of …

Not Your Typical Cruise! Adventure on the Open Seas

Long gone are the days of the blue rinse brigade ruling the roost when it comes to cruises. Adventure cruises offer diving, cycling, kayaking and mule riding when you reach land, and some incredible wildlife spotting opportunities when on board. Forget sequin gowns and stuffy after-dinner shows after an overcooked all-you-can-eat these trips are all about swimming among sea lions sunrise yoga and seeing the world in a new light.

Your Guide to Taking Superb Smartphone Holiday Snaps

A large camera, while it does take amazing photos, isnt a very practical option if youre going to be on a more adventurous holiday. Theyre big bulky coastalphotos expensive and because theyre such a serious gadget travel insurance premiums might be higher to make sure youre covered in case of theft or damage and lets face it a big fancy camera is more or less a rob me! sign hanging around your neck We dont go anywhere without our phones these days, and most modern smartphones are equipped with very …

Get Off the Beaten Track on Your Gap Year

Instead of following the hordes of Westerners to Thai beaches for weeks of clichd Full Moon parties, why not experience new cultures, learn a foreign language develop new skills and have the time of your life Theres also the added bonus of having something to make your CV stand out on your return and eventual job hunt. With these alternative Gap Year recommendations youll have some interesting answers to that question of So what did you do or learn on your gap year? besides get a tan or part…